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Sep 30, 2002
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My first (misguided) impressions were that the Pioneer DV-656A had progressive scan, but to my shock, I've found out it's only for the US models.

Is it likely we'll see a DV-656A with PAL Progressive Scan?

What happens if you use R1/NTSC DVDs in the UK player?
Kuni D

There seem to be some magazine reviews out there stating this player has NTSC PS, but my manual makes no mention of it (UK player from RS). Unfortunately I have no R1 disks so can not check for you.

However, Uncle Eric has reported that it will do NTSC PS as standard and is offering a powerbuy that may include some kind of PAL PS upgrade. See the Powerbuy forum for details

Here is a quote from Octobers "Home Entertainment" magazine:

"With the DV-656A you get progressive scan pictures for connection to compatible projectors and plasma screens (technically in NTSC only, but like most DVD locks, this too can be by-passed for PAL disks thansk to your friendly neighbourhood hot-rodder)"

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