PAL Progressive - worth it for a 32" CRT?


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I am about to take delivery of a 32" CRT (Panny TX32PD30) which will accept component and support progressive scan.

I currently have a 2 year old Pioneer DV-444 DVD player and am thinking of upgrading to something with component out connections and possibly supporting PAL Progressive Scan (my DVD collection is exclusively R2 PAL).

Will going to PAL Progressive make a noticable difference over interlaced given the (relatively!) small screen size?




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Component is usually better than SCART RGB, but how much better depends on the player. The extra benefit of PS over interlaced via component is likely to be minimal.

So I would go for a player with component out to use that connection on the set, and get the PAL PS if you can but don't pay a lot more for it.


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Many thanks for your thoughts. I'm going to see if I can audition a PAL PS player on a 32" CRT to see if I can spot any significant difference over interlaced. If not, then I'll get something with component only.



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