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I'm in the process of selecting a DVD player to go with my new ae100. I've found avforums in the process and the articles on Pal progressive scanning have been very interesting.

My question is, why import a pal progressive DVD player from the usa (why are they interested in pal?) at extra cost and possible hassle, when a Tosh 520 mr with a region 1 disc will give progressive output. When region 1 discs are so cheap, where is the cost advantage?

Is the quality of pal prog that much better than ntsc prog?

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Gordon @ Convergent AV

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Why import one when you can buy one in UK?

Your question also assumes that all progressive devices are equal which they are not.

PAL film source material has artifacts that cannot be correct by de-interlacing. NTSC has ones too. PAL film source material runs fast and de-interalcing doesn't do anything to help it in taht respect.
NTSC material has 2:3 field sequence causing motion judder in slow pans. De-interlacing that wont help either it needs to be removed by changing refresh rate coupled with clever de-interlacing.

Then you have the question of whether the region2 DVD or the Region1 version has best image quality to start.

Good de-interlacing, regardlessof region, will give a good image. You canno compare regions in the manner you are asking.



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If you're asking whether Pal Progressive is any better than NTSC Progressive, then the answer is yes, to a certain extent, but I agree with Gordon from Convergent-AV that you can't just compare them in the way you're thinking about.

Pal: 575P ( sometimes referred to as 625P)
NTSC: 480P

Correct pulldown of NTSC and PAL signals is vital otherwise I believe it throws up all manner of nasty signals. Judder, motion artefacts etc.
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