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i am currently due to buy a pioneer 433hde and would like to know if it would accept a pal progressive scan signal........??????
If not which plasma would i will be using an arcam dv27 which has pal progressive scan Help

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No it doesnt accept pal prog , you will have to buy the 433mxe for that , which is also a better pic and cheaper, but doesnt come with the tuner box.

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The choice of ether Pioneer HDE and the Arcam DV27 is a bit of a mismatch.

The HDE PlasmaTV models are very good (though NOT PAL progressive compatible) in terms of a good quality video image along with some useful user features and a terrestrial TV tuner however they are not the last word in video reproduction and you should be looking to the Pioneer MXE Plasma Display as a better partner to an FMJ27.

The MXE models fitted with the PDA-5002 video card ( standard config in the UK) enables both PAL and NTSC progressive scan component input signals to be displayed.

The MXE models have a Charcoal bezel - though the 50" is also available in Silver and there are now third party 'slip over' bezels in a multitude of colours available for both the 50 and the 43" models.

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The bezel on my 433 is its weak point - how much the slip on's? What colours?

Expecting my new Denon 3800 with full PAL PS next week - :)

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