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    I'm about to move over to equipment that supports progressive scan and am looking at the Video7 LTV32D LCD in this thread.

    I've been doing some research into prog scan and have got an idea of how it works and the advantages of getting it, but I need to clarify a few things that I can't seem to find through Google, the sticky in this thread, or by asking in the LTV32D forum - so I've brought it over here!

    Video7 (the LCD manufacturers), nor any users (yet), have confirmed it supports 576p at 50Hz. Video7 have confirmed 480p, 576p, 720p and 1080i at 60Hz, and one user has confirmed 720p at 50Hz.

    As I understand it - all NTSC prog scan sources are catered for with the resolutions available at 60Hz, but isn't the common PAL prog scan format 576p at 50Hz? I mentioned that one user confirmed 720p at 50Hz - this was with a Samsung HD745 which has a scaler in it.

    I'm wondering how much of an issue this will be if it can't do 576p or 1080i at 50Hz.

    Are inbuilt scalers in video sources common (or going to become common) and are PAL devices able to shift 50Hz up to 60Hz?

    I'm aware you can get scalers like the iScan, but an extra ~£700 is out of my budget.

    BTW - My question relates to current video sources - particularly multiregion DVD players and PAL and NTSC DVDs. I am not really fussed about future compatability with UK HDTV (I watch DTT, not Sky and this LCD is not HDCP compliant anyway!)

    Thanks in advance.

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