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MY old DVD player just dropped dead so I need to buy a new one. I just discovered that the Harman Kardon HK DVD25 is available for £349 ish and can do PAL Prog. Scan with a simple download.

I have a Tosh 42" Plasma (series 4 panasonic) - will I see any difference going for a Prog. Scan DVD player as opposed to a 'normal' one ?

Also does anyone have any experience of the HK DVD25 witha plasma ?

Gordon @ Convergent AV

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If the progscan devices in the DVD player have 2:3 (for ntsc) and 2:2 (for pal) film source DVD's then you'll see a pretty significant reduction in de-interlacing artifacts with the new DVD ....hey that was a big sentence....

There are other issues though so it's best to try out a good non progressive model as well. The PanasonicD4 will accept both pal and ntsc progressive signals in it's PC or 5BNC inputs set at either YPrPb or RGB.

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