PAL progressive output from NTSC discs?

richard plumb

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Just pondering...

Aren't all DVDs from movie sources mastered as effectively 24P - i.e. 24 frames per second? Then the output (NTSC/PAL) is created by the DVD player.

If so, wouldn't it be possible in theory for a PAL DVD player to actually output NTSC discs as proper PAL? This would get rid of 3:2 pulldown problems.

My subject mentions progressive mainly because those players actively dissect and then recreate the 3:2 pulldown on NTSC discs, so they are potentially more capable of real PAL conversion?


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The pictures are stored in YUV (component) format on the disc and the player generates either PAL or NTSC from 625/50 or 575/60 respectively.
As you correctly say movies are recorded at 24fps and thus you require a 2:2 pulldown with PAL and 3:2 with NTSC.
Also note that PAL "suffers" from a 4% speed-up to match 50Hz which is audible and some find it annoying.

Not sure what this has to do with progressive scan as the pictures are stored as two half-pictures on the disc and combined together via interweaving when a PS flag is detected (i.e. when you have a player which supports PS output), so strictly speaking there is no progressive picture (as a whole) stored on the disc ...

richard plumb

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but the DVDs themselves have information stored on them which allows the original 24fps movie to be recreated. So even NTSC discs would be able to output PAL (recreate 24fps and output slightly faster at 25fps)?

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