PAL progressive irrelevant for 480 line projectors?

richard plumb

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I'm currently going through a phase of lusting over a philips 963SA, due to the PAL progressive option. But are my lusts misguided?

I can either output PAL as progressive PAL (576p), or convert to progressive NTSC(480p).

Which would be the recommended output method for PAL discs? The end result will be 480 lines of resolution anyway, and surely the chip in the philips will be better at rescaling than the not-so-good chip in my panasonic AE100?

So for fixed panel projectors of this size, is NTSC the best option? and if so, would I be better with another progressive player that converts pal to NTSC - any suggestions here?

jonny m

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going through a phase of lusting over a philips 963SA
philips have nice magazines with pictures of all their dvd players including the 963 available ;)

You could get the HK25 which also does pal->ntsc downconversion but it isnt't that good. The 963 can switch between pal+ntsc downconversion for pal disks so you don't need to worry there as you can choose which looks best for your setup. Apparently the downconversion is very good and almost identical to 576p. (well on pj's that can only display 480 anyway)

I had a prog scan ntsc player but I couldn't take the flicker on pal disks. If it would have done 480p well from pal I would have stayed with it.

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