Pal progressive gets go ahead


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Sep 14, 2000
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Just found some news over at avsforum regarding pal progressive, here's a link to the news report click not much info though.
Wasn't there supposed to be a meeting about pal pro being passed off at the end of October.
My above post seems to be jumping the Gun.
I posted this response from Macrovision on the DVD player forum, it explains the current situation quite well.

"Yes, there has been a change but it is not as official as we would like. The DVD CCA has not been able to change its CSS Procedural Specification and shows no sign of doing so in the immediate future. In the interest of protecting the copy protection eco system and recognizing significant pressure for 625p for the 2002 Christmas shopping season, we have decided that we will no longer fail DVD players which are presented for certification just because they include 625p component outputs. If a player is presented for testing which is compliant for our interlaced video specification and 525p if present, and it also has 625p, we will now certify for interlaced and 525p analog outputs and add comment to the certificate to the effect "...this player also has 625p output which is copy protected in accordance with Macrovision's proposed specification."
That looks good then I should be able to get a firmware upgrade from Toshiba, if they ever release it.
I have an Arcam DVD player capable of PAL PS, but is there a TV on the market that accepts and displays PAL PS?

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