PAL Prog Scan DVD player on Tosh 42wh36


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Hi Guys, i'm currently thinking of getting a new dvd player for use with my tosh.

I would like one with PAL prog scan but just want to know if this set does it ok, as I had the Sony 730 and didnt at all like the PAL prog scan that it was outputting.

Will a more expensive dvd player such as the Myryad Z122 give me much better results ? The sony seemd to flicker a tad and after a while gave me headache.

What higher end dvd players are you using with your tosh 42wh36




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I have recently swapped my toshiba 530 with a cambridge audio azur 540d and is heaps better than the Tosh. It did however have a problem with pal progressive scanning which should be sorted by Cambridge audio for me very soon.

I too have the toshiba 42wh36 and viewing titanic R1 with NTSC progressive scanning it was really smooth and clours vibrant compared with the toshiba. I have heard good reviews of the Limit DVD900SE so you might want to try this one too.


couldn't promise it would solve your particular problem but the myryad would sound much better, last a lot longer, and would give a much better picture quality. Myryad stuff doesn't get very good reviews alot of the time and is often stated as over-priced but I love their stuff and I reckon it's well worth a demo or if you can find a dealer with stock a home trial would give you a chance to check for your problem


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Hi, do you have the Myryad Z122 ? Is it really that good. last review I read about it got 5 0ut 5 . Best dvd player under £1000 mark.

Although i'm told that the video dac is only 10 bit. Would a pio 868 or a denon 2900 be any better ? I do like the Denons, but have heard so many probs with them once they are multiregioned.




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I use a Pioneer 668 with PAL Progressive scan, and the picture is amazing with my Toshie 42wh36p.
I have just bought a 42wh36 and currently have a Pioneer DV550
. As far as I am aware this does not have wither component output or progressive scan and I am using it with RGB output to the TV. Would I see a noticible differnece in the picture quaility by changing to a player with component/progressive scan over the RGB?

If I got a new player would I be able to use the progressive scan feature through the RGB scart or does this only work through the component interface. Aslo if I were to use component what kind of cables would I need? currently my system sits about 4 meters away from the TV so the thought of having to get 3 expensive cables is not a pleasant one.

Any advice would be gratefully received

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