PAL pro from PC DVD to plasma/LCD?

Discussion in 'LCD & LED LCD TVs Forum' started by prusling, Nov 27, 2002.

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    In the search for the best picture quality at a competitive price, I'm looking for the ability to play R2 DVD's in PAL progressive with minimal or no analogue/digital conversion!

    There's also a catch - I'd prefer not to buy a new DVD player (there's not much choice for PAL pro yet anyway), so a relatively inexpensive PC upgrade to provide 576p seems a good bet - either a Radeon with DVI (?) or a Sigma Realmagic Xcard via component (which I'm told will be driver-updated to enable PAL progressive in the New Year).

    Options under consideration are:

    1) High res LCD (e.g. 30" Sharp), but this has a smaller display, component rather than DVI input, and the scaling up of 576p to a 1200*768 display (incidentally, not true 16:9?) may not be optimal. But the resolution could be useful for HD-DVD in the future...!

    2) Plasma with DVI input (e.g. 42" Samsung PS-42P2SB from Dixons/Currys), but 576p gets reduced to 480p and can you get digital 576p out of a Radeon anyway?

    The ideal would be a native PAL plasma, but I doubt such exists with a 1024x576 display ratio and a digital input!!!

    I guess a compromise will be necessary...

    Cheers for your thoughts, Peter

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