PAL or NTSC headache (I think)

Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by dbloor, Nov 24, 2001.

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    I have just taken delivery of my modded Pioneer 444 from DVDMagic. Firstly I must praise them for their prompt delivery and helpfullness on the phone, I would of course ask them this question myself but it is late on Saturday and I am impatient.....

    Essentially I have an annoying problem playing Region 1 discs, there is a very thin white line across the top of the screen present when the movie is playing, but not on the set up menu screens.
    I have an ancient Goldstar telly, the outputs for audio and video and plugged into what I can best describe as a SCART adapter from my Playstation then connected to the telly.

    The band is at the top of the frame of the letterbox widescreen I get on the 4:3 TV, it does not go away with changing PAL/NTSC/auto switching on the DVD player, nor does it go away if I change the aspect ratio that I am looking at.

    Any ideas please folks??
    And is it likely to be the same on my Loewe Aconda being delivered on Wednesday?

    Oh yes, finally, can someone tell me how I manually region switch with a DVDMagic mod please?


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    Unfortunately the white line is a feature of that TV set. Some sets have this problem when playing widescreen movies but it tends to appear only on certain 4:3 sets. I would look for a past review of the Loewe set in Home Cinema Choice to find out how it performs.

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