Pal/NTSC Pic Quality Difference?



On my Mico Pregon Multi region player, I have an option of choosing between PAL, NTSC or "Multi", so when I play a region 1 disc I have noticed that in PAL mode it seems jerky/juddery when the camera pans across a scene. When I switch to NTSC though, there is no jerkiness at all but the lines/pixels are more visible on the screen, I prefer the picture quality on Pal mode but I have to play in NTSC mode to make sure its smooth. It has done this on both R1 discs I have, Scarface and Leon. If I choose multi it defaults to NTSC on those discs.

Is this something specific to my player being a bit of a cheap one or have others noticed this difference?? Maybe if I got another MR player this difference would not be so noticeable?



The reaon why it is jerky is it is doing PAL 50. A lot of players have this problem. My Encore 450 does it perfectly. Leave the player on Multi. It will then do NTSC as NTSC and PAL as PAL.

The lines are more noticeable as NTSC has 100 less lines than PAL (525 compared to PAL). The make of TV can cause the lines to show more as well. My Sony TV doesn't show any.

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