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PAL compatibility from PC

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by spudmachine, Jan 23, 2004.

  1. spudmachine


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    I have just taken my first, tentative steps into the Media PC world by building a Shuttle PC. All is well, except I'm having difficulty getting a colour picture on one of my TVs. Here are the details:

    1. The Shuttle PC BIOS is set to output PAL-I (the UK standard).

    2. When I attach this to a UK TV (a Philips) using the onboard S-Video I get a colour picture. Hoorah!

    3. When I attach this to a TV I bought in France (a Thomson), I see a black and white picture. I know French TVs receive SECAM, but read on before telling me again :)

    I think the Thomson model number is 28DK25E S, or it may be 431/ICC17-EN. Both numbers on the back panel, but one may be a serial number.

    On the Thomson TV, there is no specific option to set the PAL type, but there is a country setting (which I have set to UK).

    In addition, I have a standard antenna plugged into the TV, and it displays a colour picture with no problem from UK stations.

    I also have plugged a Sky digibox receiver into the SCART port of the TV, and this displays colour pictures with no problem.

    Finally, I have plugged a PAL model Sony Camcorder into the S-Video input of the TV, and this displays in colour.

    One other piece of info. I have a HiGrade laptop with an S-Video port, and this behaves exactly the same way as the Shuttle - in other words, black and white on the Thompson and colour on the Philips.

    Why is the "PAL" from a PC output different from the "PAL" of a Skybox or camcorder?

  2. BigRD

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    Jul 4, 2003
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    far far away
    Although you have set the BIOS to PAL-I have you checked the software for your video card driver? My Nvidia card has a TV ouput via composite or S-Video but I still have to select PAL or NTSC in software.


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