Which DVD recorders can record a PAL-60 signal from a VCR playing an NTSC tape?
I heard rumours the Pioneer 5100 can - haven't physically confirmed it yet though. Certainly the Panasonic range CANNOT do this - and I'm pretty sure the Philips can't as well. Don't have a clue about the Sony, Toshiba or JVC models - but I would suspect not to be honest.
I had a philips 880 DVD recorder, and it did record PAL60 from an NTSC tape. I used a Sony SLV-E730 video recorder.

However 880 has a history of breaking down at the six month mark. Hope this helps.
I had a philips 880 DVD recorder, and it did record PAL60 from an NTSC tape
I stand corrected.
Can the sony dvd recorders record PAL 60 from a NTSC tape. I was thinking of buying one.
Does anyone know if there is a specific reason why UK Panasonic VCRs and UK Panasonic DVD recorders are incompatible in this regard? I have a bunch of NTSC home movies, a Panasonic DVD recorder and a Panasonic VCR. When playing these tapes, the VCR will only output a PAL60 signal, but the DVD recorder will only accept a pure NTSC signal. Where is the sense in that?

I realise that I'll have to try and get hold of one of those worldwide VCRs or perhaps a US one, but it would have been so much simpler if the two machines had been compatible, and I still can't figure out why they shouldn't be, both made by the same company and both relatively new models.

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