PAL 50 Output????


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Hi - My mate has got a tv that only supports PAL 50 and not PAL 60, and he wants to buy a dvd player. Please can someone give me a list of all the dvd players that support PAL 50 output (from both pal and ntsc dvd/vcd). Also are any of the players that do this actually any good as he may change his tv next year or so.
The only 2 i have found are the JVC s302 and the Tosh 420e, and the JVC doesnt look too good but the Tosh seems ok.

Any others??




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Samsung DV-511 and DV-811, I'm pretty sure it's DV-xxx although it could be DVD-xxx :confused:



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... (from both pal and ntsc dvd/vcd) ..

Well, I would expect that a PAL DVD is output in PAL(50). ;)

IMHO Hitachi players also do PAL50 from NTSC but check first.
As well some of the no-name budget players support this, too.

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