PAL 1 VCR compatibility with Spanish system PAL B/G



Hi there!
I need some help!!!
I wants to take my British VCR to Spain and I am concerned about the compatibility of the systems (both the british PAL 1 with the Spanish PAL B/G). I have read in some forums that the video will simply do not record a thing or that it will but with no sound at all. I have also read here (, that as long as I use a SCART (also known in Spain as EUROCONECTOR) there should not be a problem abut compatibilities.
Now, I am left wondering whom to believe since I am not able to find a satisfactory answer to my quandary and the person from the Customer Service Phoneline of my VCR maker to whom I have talked has funnily assured me that the video should work in Spain 90 out 100% !!
Will it work then? If so, how should I do the connections? Antenna to TV and SCART from TV to video would do? The other way round?




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Pal I and Pal B/G have different audio subcarrier frequencies, so using the VCR in Spain would give you no audio (or maybe give you noise).
You should be able to watch pre-recorded tapes though if you connect via a scart, but any connections using modulated rf would lose you the audio ... either to record or playback.

I think that's all correct.



As Julian says you will lose the audio on any recordings made on the UK VCR.
You'd be better off taking your tapes with you and buying a Spanish VCR.

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