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Have bought Game's HD box so hopefully should get it Thursday I would think.

I currently have Sky+ in the house. I am a bit confused on this Pairing issue and what I need to do.

Is it simply plug in the decoder with my existing card in it turn it on and run the new install procedure ? It will be connected to the phone line btw. After this is run, then I call sky to up my subs I guess? or am I missing something more obvious?


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that's about it!

hopefully you'll have more look with the card pairing than I did :rolleyes:


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yes, you're right...stick you card in and all you'll see is the free channels (BBCHD included) won't be able to record.

Phone up and ask them to pair the box with the card (they do it on their computer) and you can then see all the channels you payf or and if you have sky+ already you'll be able to can then ask them to upgrade your package to the HD package (to get the sky hd channels)....for £10 a month.


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excellent thanks for the feedback lads.
Another silly question what is the install codes for the HD box? 4 0 Select etc or something like that?


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I thought it was the same for all Sky boxes?

services 401 select (quickly).


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Ok little update. Got the HD box today. Simply wired it in, plonked in my old viewing card (sky world + sky+) and held down thebackup button let it update, then ran the new install procedure. BBC HD channel is perfect, so then the aggro begins..calling the numpties.

Word of advice to any existing sky holders doing this just simply call the HD dept straight away. I mistakenly called the Sky+ activation number this is big NONO!
The got the callback from the install but got errors trying to pair the card up, after lots of holding and ummin and arghing they suggested to call the HD dept. Spoke to a nice lady there, she said yes the simple reason they couldnt is that you have an HD box and it will have registered as an HD activation account. She literally flicked a switch and within seconds everything is on and funky!

Thanks to Game Over box works a treat m8 cheers!

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