Pairing up viewing cards to new Digibox


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I rang up SKY last night to get my viewing card paired up to my new SKY HD box.

I was told SKY were experiencing technical errors and that the task of pairing my viewing card would have to be escalated.
I was also advised this could take 24-48hrs.

I am curious to know if anyone else reading this forum has had a successful card/box pairing done this weekend ?

Needless to say, its Saturday afternoon and I still cannot record or view my premium channels.

Does anyone know if 2nd tier support even operate at the weekends?



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Have you tried phoning them again, sounds like you have been spun a line to be honest. Phone through to Sky Technical and go through to the Sky HD department, they tend to have more of a clue what's going on.


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Yes, I think you are right, does seem like I'm being palmed off with the 48hrs excuse. I'll ring again this afternoon.


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It would be so much easier if SKY allowed customers to pair up cards themselves online (i.e. MySKY).

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Sky don't want people to be able to pair cards themselves because you'd have people taking viewing cards to mates houses to watch footy etc. This way Sky can refuse to pair cards to a box that isn't the customer's own.


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Surely the monthly call-back would ensure that a card can only be used in a box connected to the registered viewing card holders home telephone number.

All sorted now :thumbsup:
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