Pairing speakers: which center channel and sub?

Discussion in 'What Speakers Should I Buy?' started by loglog, Mar 25, 2017.

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    Hi guys, I just bought my first house and moved in. I've wanted a nice 5.1 system for a while and was finally able to start piecing it together to enhance the (Sci-Fi) Movie/ Gaming experiences. I've worked in Best Buy/ Magnolia many many moons ago, so I understand the basics of putting a system together but i'd still consider myself a new amateur looking to learn from others.

    I've owned an AV receiver (Panasonic VSX-1020k) for a while now that I got new and at a ridiculously low price so I couldn't say no ($125 new). I don't plan on getting a new one right a way so it'll have to do for now. I recently purchased a pair of Definitive Technology 9020 Standing speakers as my mains to start. They sound pretty good and look very nice ascetically speaking. I couldn't justify the difference in price for the 9040's for my use/ area and the Bower and Wilkins CM series was out of my budget.

    Since I don't want to eat all the costs at one time, I'm looking to now expand into a 2.1 then into a 3.1 before going full surround. The room this is all going in is less than ideal but its what I have. My living room is a 20ft X 20ft, wood flooring (it does have a floor rug between our seating positions and the standing speakers), 1 window off to the left of the viewing position with thick curtains, and vaulted ceilings (which ruined my plan to add the Def Tech A90 Dolby Atmos speakers).

    I'm looking for recommendations on which center channel and sub to pair with my 9020 standing speakers. I understand you usually want to get a companies matching series at least for the fronts. For the center channel I was looking at either the Def Tech CS-9040 ($499.98) and the Pro-Center 1000 ($219.98). My concern is that even though CS-9040 is part of the 9000 series, it maybe a little over kill for the room and the mains I've chosen, its also takes up a pretty large footprint. Thoughts?

    As far as the sub, I know definitive specs can be off, but for aesthetics it would be nice to keep the same brand. I'm debating between an 7.5"/ 8" or 10" driver. I'm also debating between the ProSub and SuperCube series. I plan on having an Auralex SubDude-II to place the sub on to help since i have wood floors.

    Thanks for taking the time on the long read... EDUCATE ME :)

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