Question Pairing sc lx 87 with B&W 683

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    Hi all...

    So I have two questions really in this one thread,

    I have a 7.1 system built up of a
    pioneer SCLX 87
    Quad 306 (to power front L&R)
    B&W 685 (front)
    B&W LCR (centre)
    B&W M1 (rear and surround)

    I use the system for watching movies but also drop it down the amp down to bypass to listen to a Sonos connect.. through just the left and right..

    The system sounds lovely in both 7.1 and then dropped down to stereo with the quad in line.

    Question number 1 is: am I getting the best from my system this way?

    Q Number 2 is: I've just bought a pair of the B&W 683 to replace the 685 on the front left and right, the LX87 is rated at 200+ W a channel but the little lovely quad is only rated at 40W a channel, I'm guessing this isn't going to power the 683's at all? Till I can afford another power amp or a couple! Am I best to just power them from the pioneer and take the quad out of line?

    In the future I'd like to have a couple of nice power amps with maybe an A/B input built in or a pre amp/DAC in-between to put the sonos and other sources direct into the amps... and be able to switch back to the pioneer?...
    am I over complicating all of this... will the pioneer just be fine on its own for 7.1 and stereo?

    What do you think I'll be best doing?


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