Question Pairing advice for Monitor Audio GS20 fronts


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I've committed to buy a pair of GS20 floorstanders and would welcome advice on suitable pairing to result in a 7.1.2 system.

The advice I have so far is that the GS LCR and GS FX are great and probably the best matching options. However the fronts are in rosewood finish so I suspect it'll be tough to find matches on the used market.

So I'm interested to hear of alternative recommendations. My first plan had been Q-Acoustics 3k kit before moving onto planning for a new Silver 6 system. I was convinced to consider used, so here I am now.

For a receiver I'm looking at either the A2050 or A3050 current gen from Yamaha and I have an offer of a 3-channel power amp powering front and centre - Emotiva XPA-3.

I've previously been advised to consider one of the BK subs (when looking at the QA kit). Does that still make sense with the GS20 set? If so, not sure which, Monolith Plus?

Lastly, CT-165s were recommended for Atmos.

Any tips or advice would be welcome.

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