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Is there anyone out there who can help me.

I’ve got an old PaintShop Pro 8 (Jasc Software Inc) program on my computer which suits my needs just fine, but recently I uninstalled it and then reinstalled it but now if I try to open the program from the shortcut generated on the desktop I keep getting a message saying “The folder listed below is used to save your user files, it is not currently accessible”.

C:\Users\Clive\Documents\MyPSP8 Files\

Check whether your user file folder is on the network or on a drive that is no longer accessible. If so, Cancel and reconnect to the drive or network and run PaintShop Pro again.
If the folder listed above no longer exists or has been renamed or moved, please specify an emergency read / write directory by pressing OK.
When PaintShop Pro launches you must reconfigure your file locations by selecting:
File – Preferences – File Locations.

I’m a silver surfer and all of the above is just about as clear as mud to me, is there anyone who has the time and patience to walk me through what I need to do in order to get it working again.
My computer is operating on Windows 10 and PaintShop Pro was uninstalled and reinstalled within a matter of minutes so I’m assuming no updates to Windows 10 would affect it.

Again, my thanks for any advice



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It's likely that the sixteen year old program is trying to use obsolete parts of windows and the results aren't quite as expected.

The first place to start is with the error message. If you go into your user folder and open Documents then is there a folder called MyPSP8 Files there?

If not then you can either create it or change where you want your files stored in the application preferences as it suggests.


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Hello EndlessWaves

Iv'e been into the Documents Folder and yes there is a folder called MyPSP8 and within that there are a further two folders, Scripts - Restricted and the other is called Workspaces


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Is it called MyPSP8 or MyPSP8 Files? It's looking for the latter. The former is a different folder, or possibly a failed attempt to create the latter (spaces in folder names can sometimes cause issues).
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