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Painting Speakers? M&K in particular



Has anyone tried to paint speaker cabinets before? I've agreed to buy a set of 3 M&K S85's off this forum and ideally I want to paint them white.

Anyone got any tips/tricks or experiences?



Shouldn't be a problem, i don't think the S85's are a vinyl or wood veneer, i think they're the same finish as the 150's, just finished and painted cabinets.


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Anyone got any tips/tricks or experiences?

I take it you will be removing all the drivers and spraying them.
You will need to give the cabinets a rub down with wire wool to give a key or the new coating may easily flake off.
I have never painted speakers before but a good paint job stars with a primer and build up in thin layers,its something you shouldn't try to rush.
If you have never done any before i would try it out on something else to see how it will come out.


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I have painted cars and various other bits and pieces (though not M&K speakers I confess:D ). I would add to the comments above in that you will need to degrease the surface before spraying otherwise you may suffer that effect where the paint runs away from any grease patches (like oil and water kind of). I would try something like meths on a small test patch first to see if it effects the existing finish, likewise the final paint finish should be checked as some car spray paints can react with an existing finish.

Another option might be using a wall paint to match the house decor. B&Q do a 'paint anywhere' or some such that works on walls,wood and even radiators. If you apply with a small foam roller the finish should end up like spraying (I've done window cills with rollers to good results.

Just to finish off, you can buy white speaker cloth from CPC and I believe Maplins might stock it.

BTW I bought my M&Ks in white, just picked them up today.:thumbsup:


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Would the surface for xenon 26's be ok to paint - they have a gloss finish, but if suitably primed, I can not see a problem? Are the drivers easy to remove from the enclosures?

Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks, James

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