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Painting on to New Plaster


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Some quick advice needed.

My mum has recently had her small bathroom done - the plumber has done an excellent job by all accounts but he doesn't do painting.

The walls are fully tiled so it is just the ceiling to address.

The ceiling was originally old fashioned artex, so this has been covered over with plasterboard and a plaster skim. This was done two weeks ago, so plenty of time to dry out.

I'm staying over tonight on my way to an event first thing tomorrow morning, and I have offered to paint the ceiling.

Now a little worried whether I will have enough time - it's a small bathroom but it's how many coats and drying time between them.

Do I really need to make the first coat a 50:50 water-paint mistcoat?

What is the actual benefit to doing that rather than going for a full coat first?

As it is the ceiling, worried that it is going to make a mess with splashes.




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You will have to apply a mist coat, if you don't the moisture from the paint will be sucked out too quickly meaning their will be no key, the remaining paint will start to flake off and look nasty as a result. Realistically, the mist coat should be allowed to settle overnight.

Our plasterer recommended a 50/50 mix


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50/50 mix will be fine if you want more paint all over the suite and the floor than the ceiling

I personally wouldn't use that much. Maybe go for 25% with cheap emulsion paint first.

Sounds crazy but you may well need 3 or 4 coats including the most coat.

With drying times, you'll be doing it for half a day.


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Re the splashing
I'd buy some of the cheap plastic 'dust sheets' from a diy store and some wide masking tape. Then tape the sheets up to the top of the wall letting them cover the sanitary ware. Sounds overkill but easier than cleaning paint off afterwards.

For future reference, we try to get paint on ceiling (and walls) before sanitary ware and tiles fitted, just doing the final top coat if needed at the end. Much easier at that point


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I glued batons onto my bathroom ceiling , nailed some sort of plastic cladding onto it with hidden stainless tacks then sealed around the edges with silicon. It takes a touch longer than painting but looks good, is totally maintenance free, wipeable and steam resistant.

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