Painting metal ?


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How is the best way and which Type of paint to get ? It’s a powder coat metal..
As you can see In the picture I tried to use some superglue on my scooter to attach a screen protector and then removed it. I’m now left with this horrible stain. I have tried superglue remover to no avail

what do you guys recommend?



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Try some acetone based nail polish remover, check that the nail polish remover does have acetone in it before you buy it as some do not contain it. It should dissolve the dried superglue without damaging the paint, may need more than one or two attempts depending on how thick the glue is, clean with a bit of soapy water and dry it between applications and when its all gone to get rid of any traces of the acetone.


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September’s thread: Paint remover, is it any good? :rolleyes: :rotfl:


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I tried acetone nail polish remover many times and it didn’t work

so put some More glue remover on it and left it for 40minutes then wiped it down with a strong surface wipe and now it has nearly all gone

part of where the mark is is plastic so I’m guessing that’s there permanently?
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