Painting an Oplli tv bench?


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I have just purchased an Oplli bench its in birch,I would prefer if it was in black.

I am wondering has anyone here painted one of these, if so how did it go.

You can buy mdf paint but before I try just wanted to know if anyone has done it and did it look Ok.


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But the surface of the Oppli isn't MDF. It has a laminate finish bonded to it so I suppose the kind of paint you can buy to do kitchen cabinet doors might be the answer as they are similarly laminated. on't quote me on that though. :rolleyes:

jonny round boy

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Oppli (in birch finish) is a laquered, real-wood veneer, not a wood-effect laminate. You won't need any special paint as long as you prepare the surface correctly.

If I was you, I'd disassemble it (if you've already built it) and paint it in sections. Then I'd key the surface by lightly sanding with fine sandpaper (at least 120 grit), and use automotive spraycans (like you get in halfords) to get a decent finish. Put on 2-3 light coats of primer, sanding in between with 400 grit, and then 4-5 coats of black, again in light layers.

If you're just intending on brush-painting it with oil-based paint from B&Q or the like, then just key the surface as above, and prime it before putting on the final coat(s).


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