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Hi I have a matt white pull down screen .Thescreen is 4:3 but I realy want a 16:9. I am thinking of thickening up the top border. Can somone please tell me what the best paint would be to use .It has to be somthing that will not crack when the screen rolls .

I was thinking of sticking some black fabric on the screen as this would absorb the light better but I was worried about the glue perishing the screen .Is there some sort of glue out there that would stick somthing like felt to screen material without damaging it


Rickyj at Kalibrate

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Not sure about the glue, or even the correct paint, but if you try the link below. Nexnix sell paint for a screen border, and flok tape for borders. Not sure whether if these will work on your screen, but you could try ringing them as they are usually very helpful.



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cheers pal . will prob give them a shout:smashin:


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Well gave Nexnix a shout and they are not sure if the paintthey sell would be any good for an role up screen or not . Anyone got any idears out there


david park

8mm and 16mm cine people use blackboard paint to paint the screen borders, I read recently in a cine forum.

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