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Joe Pineapples

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Oct 23, 2001
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I'm really impressed with this demo. It might just have a 'if it moves, shoot it' mentallity, but everything really shines. I cant believe how smoothly it runs on my moderate pc, with so much attention to detail, and so many things on screen at once. The physics are excellent - moving the wagon around & pinning a zombie by his head to a wall is so satisfying. The end level/demo boss looks superb as well - talk about cinematic.

Looking forward to the full thing now.

Yeah this demo looks pretty awesome, I liked the first level, creeping around the tunnels was good.

Had a quick go on the 3rd....will need some more plays I think to get a proper feel. Definately is very similar to Doom/Serious Sam.
I have played the demo and all i can say that the game is going great :clap: i hope the story is good, because it seems that the game have mucho potential.
I downloaded this last night.. yep it looks nice but it reminds me of Nightmare Creatures.. it seems very linear..with one set path that locks you in now and again.. and it got a bit boring after a while (though that may just be the demo as you only start with a couple of weapons..)

Much prefer call of Duty and the Farcry demo at the moment.. I wil try out the UT 2004 later as well...Really like the open style of farcry though.. looks great as well!


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