Pain when i do deadlift


Hello guys,
2 weeks ago I've started doing gym for the first time in my life (I'm 25) everything was fine, but last Tuesday I tried to do some "deadlifts" unfortunately I've had a little pain in Inguinal zone i felt like something is burning something very hot but and I stopped. Two days later I tried again and still pain I don't understand what the problem because I can do Squats with Barbell like 50 kg
And I don't get that pain, first I did Squats and then I tried deadlift then I continued with leg press and I haven't got any pain.. I don't get pain when I'm running or walking I can do any movement without any pain.

Basically, I can do any exercise just deadlift hold me back.
I did some research and i found that i may have a problem with "hip flexor" because I sit at desk most of the time.
Please if someone knows or had this problem give me an advice or i might go to hospital :)

I've attached a photo with the zone
Sorry for my English is not my native language. :)

Thanks :)


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