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I will try and explain this as best I can with my limited technical understanding, I will use a typical example......

My homepage is google, it loads up fine, as does any searches I do.
When I click on AV forums (for example), it usually loads fine, but sometimes I need to reclick on it , or 'refresh'.
The same problem occurs when looking at various threads, sometimes they load fine, other times I need to try them twice (or press refresh).
Once something starts loading, my connection is very quick, it downloads pictures and videos fine.
My Xbox 360 (wired) works fine.

It seems as though the network, or modem needs a bit of a poke sometimes, once it starts working its fine, but sometimes it just sits there, seemingly not trying to load the page.

I have an Eee 900, and a Dell Xps, I have the same problem with both, modem was a netgear, have now replaced it with a G+mimo Belkin, its now a lot better than it was, but still not right. Provider is Virgin.

Any ideas? I'm getting really fed up with having to keep click click clicking:D

Cheers, Dave.


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I have downloaded Firefox, to see if it helps, I was going to say that it seems to have fixed it, until I clicked on this page, and it took ages to load, although that may just be avforums being busy?
If it has fixed it, is there a reason that IE isnt working, could it be a problem with my modem, as I have changed everything else?

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