Question Pads for Amp and CD player


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I am thinking in buying some pads for my amp, MD playder and BluRay/CD player. I was woundering if anyone could point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance


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I think that he is referring to isolation or damping pads.
@Filipedine is there a reason that you wish to place isolation pads under your MD / BD players?
The manufacturers will have designed your equipment with feet and and any necessary damping will normally be provided by rubber / neoprene on the base of these feet. Adding additional pads will not help your equipment sonically, it will just deplete your bank balance a little more.


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Yes, was aiming for isolation or dampning pads. Reason for it is on my HiFi gear stand I have a speaker on top of it, that vibrates the stand and I am trying to reduce vibration on the electronics that are stacked together.



Better to de-couple the speaker from the stand

Lord Essex

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Try blu tack, it works well for me and will save you some money.


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If you want isolation , buy some squash balls and cut them in half.
If they are too tall you can keep trimming them down till you get the height you are happy with. Works a treat.
That said i would agree with the previous post, move the speakers.

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