Pace4000 Telewest and Hardwire IRDA Extender



Hey all,

Just had a Telewest digibox installed and have run an RF Hardwire feed to a second room.

I have the oppertunity (While the floorboards are up) to run an IR extender for the remote and I notice the STB has an jack plug for hardwire input.

1 Does this work
2 Were can I get a cable from

Any help would be appreciated


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Is this the IR blaster input socket?

If so, it certainly works on mine fine, use this with a "red eye" to allow me to operate the STB via my pronto.

Have a look at Lets Automate , which may contain a solution for you.


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The redeye does not use this socket. I have a redeye, and also a keene IR relay system, which works well hard wired from a low output to the IR in socket.


Thanks for the details guys, and excuse my ignorance

I checked out the red eye on letsautomate and found the following quote

"Unfortunately the IR-In socket on these receivers is not enabled to receive commands, so this connection is only used to provide power"

I understand what the red eye is doing but it does not appear to give me the solution I am looking for here in that the "Controlling" remote is in a different room and I have no repeater.

The Keene looks like the way to go for me as long as the quote on lets automate is wrong (Which it sounds it is), one more question, Do I need to buy the distibution centre for a point to point connecton or is thre an alternative, as the cable run needs only to be about 3 meters to work, is thre a "IR receiver to jack plug" cable out there



Thanks for the quick reply, Im off to get a reciver and an extender cable then.

I notice you are a retailer, I know its not much business but if you do sell these parts and want the business, post or PM me and let me know your site.

Thanks again for your help on this.

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