Pace v2 Sky + box problem


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Earlier this evening I got the message below when I tried to record or enter the planner.
sky + playback and recording is unavailable

I tried resetting the box by unplugging it, this did not get rid of the error.

I tried the Planner rebuild suggested on the website. But this would not complete when I pressed select to confirm I wanted it to do it.

So I then did the system reset which seems to have worked.

Looking at other threads on here people have had the above error when the signal to tuner 2 was lost, this was not the case here.

Is this just a duff hard drive or have I got a wider issue with the box?


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We have a Pace box upstairs used with a multiroom sub and I've had problems with this box for a while. I've found it does not like to be powered off. If I do power it off and on, there's a good chance the planner has gone to hell and I need to do a system build.

It's been like that for some time now and I suspect that if the hdd was on the way out, performance whilst on would have been getting progressively worse but strangley as long as there is sustained power, it's happy.

Sorry, not an answer to your problem but a shared experience perhaps? I was just trawling to see if anyone else was experiencing a similar problem. The box is a few years old now so well outside warranty and I'm loathe to purchase a replacement hdd only to find it has the same problem.


how old is the box?could just be electronic gremlins and all will be fine now,all you can do is wait and see but if comes back sounds like a HDD problem
It could be either a failing/ailing hard disk or merely that the boot sector on it was corrupted. If it happens again soon then suspect a failing hard disk.

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