Pace V1 box (with upgraded 40GB HDD) in permanent standby after firmware upgrade



Hi all!

I have a pace v1 box that stopped working after the firmware upgrade at the end of June. The original disk had stopped working a couple of years, so I was forced to upgrade the disk. Unfortunately, I have not been able to do a forced update and rollback to the previous version of the firmware.

Earlier this week I ordered a 40GB hard disk from ebay hoping that putting the new disk may make it work, but sadly, it is still in standby mode! The new 40GB hard disk is a Seagate Barracuda 7200.9

I have tried several forced updates - with SKY card and without. SKY+ won't help me unless I pay for one of their engineers to come out at the cost of sixty quid!

Anyone got any idea about how I can get it working?



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Unfortunately, it seems that it isn't the size of the replacement disk that causes the problem, it's the fact that it isn't the factory fitted one.

After much discussion with the tech at Sky, I was lead to believe that the Pace v1 was originally supplied with some software on the HDD. The last OS upgrade made the box check for the presence of this software on the HDD at boot. If it couldn't find it, the box shut straight down again.
I don't think that there is any way around this at present.


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Usually if it is stuck in standby then that is the end of it's life (as far as you are concerned). Try removing the hard drive and try it with none in. If it powers up then try another hdd (Pace use Maxtor so try one of those). Also see if it comes off standby with the dish feeds disconnected.

Cheers, Franc


Sky are supposedly working on a fixed version of the V1 firmware to take into account bigger HD's - they were overrun with calls and complaints after the original update and rolled back the firmware for a very brief period (1 or 2 days) to allow upgraded V1's to continue working.

The roll-back was pulled from the download stream for some reason and if you didn't manage to revert back at that time, the only thing(s) you can do are:

  • Fit the 'original' HD back in, and the box should boot (but you may loose the Sky+ functions
  • Wait for the revised update which is supposedly due by the end of August
  • Chuck the box (or sell it on ebay) and get a PVR3

If you do wait, then the forums (here or DS) will be the 1st to know of the update and make the info public. You will probably then have to do a forced download as it seems that this is the only thing the box will do.

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