pace twin with HDD query


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Bought a pace twin this afternoon - to replace my aged pioneer digibox - well chuffed with the recording facility - BUT so far a bit disappointed wuth the sharpness of the image (pio was much sharper) ok - appreciate it might need time to 'burn in' - but from experience does it get better? - have played with the various settings. It's feeding a 42 inch panny plasma - which is pretty revealing at the best of times - any thoughts????:rolleyes:


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Don't own one myself but many early users had a picture quality problem which was fixed by a software update, the same problem that appeared on the version2 SKY+ also made by Pace.

You may have a box that is an update or so behind the current issue so if it's the same problem there is a fix.
Martin Imber is probably the expert on this box though:)


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A firmware update will fix the soft picture problem. I've also just bought the twin. I took the first one back as it had a soft picture and output a black and white signal when switched to s-video through the TV2 scart. My new machine had the same problems. So after doing a bit of digging I discovered that a firmware update will cure this. It seems strange however that both my machines contained the original march 2003 firware despite being purchased a year later. You would think that Pace would flash the latest firmware before shipping them out. I wonder if anybody knows when the next scheduled firmware upgrade is?


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Theres just been an update, (4th mar to 8th Mar) place my twin on BBC 1 and it picked up the update itself.

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