pace twin upgrade help needed


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could someone please advise me what to do with a problem
i have upgrading my twin

every time i try the upgrade i get "bad" displayed
i have tried 12 time's to no avail
rang pace an they said post it to them but i don't want to do that

one thing i would like to clarify is on the product data screen
software is listed as follows master=mar 13 slave=oct 10
but am fairly sure they were both mar 13 before i tried the

p.s i only have 2 days to upgrade the software what sould i do?
cheers criggy

Chris 1000

Keep trying...if the master is March 13 and the Twin detects the update then it may update. Pace told me that the download is in two parts, the master and the slave, obviously the master update was corrupt and not installed whilst the slave was OK. This happend to me last year......the problem comes when the master updates and the slave does not since it then does not recognise the download. I currently have the up-to-date master and no slave at all (just says "0"!!!) and am waiting for the new download to hopefully sort it out!


I don't think you have any choice, you will have to eventually return it. I had the same problem and Pace support said that once the software is corrupt you would have to have a manual download. It is really infuriating that I have to send it off and be without it for a few days, but I hope its worth it to have interactive tv and text!

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