Pace Twin tuner HD freeview



A friend of mine has this Pace freeview twin HD . Has anyone done a pronto CCF for this unit?
My friend has a Marantz remote and has learned all the controls across but the power on this unit is a toggle(possible toad) does anyone have the discrete codes ?
I have looked on remote central and couldnt find anything (but you might prove me wrong :D )

I have emailed Pace for help (we'll see)

I have posted some questions on RC and now here (i know there are some resident experts here :lesson: )

I have asked my friend to post the toggle Hex to me to see if i
can find the device code and generate all the possible codes

But if anyone knows that would be a big help :smashin:
I too would be very interested in this one...
Bibble, old chap. Are you, perchance, applying on Wolfie's behalf? For it wouldst just so happen I have answered the call.

I've spent the weekend checking the codes I discovered they follow this format:

0000 006b 0000 0013 0134 009a 0013 0014 0013 003a 0013 0014 0013 0014 0013 0014 0013 003a 0013 0013 0013 0013 0013 009a 0013 0014 0013 0014 0013 0014 0013 0014 0013 0014 0013 003a 0013 0014 0013 0013 0013 0387

that is:


0134 009a

0013 0013 = 0
0013 003a = 1
0013 0013 = 0
0013 0013 = 0
0013 0013 = 0
0013 003a = 1
0013 0013 = 0
0013 0013 = 0
(bin = 00100010. dec = 34)

0013 009a

0013 0013 = 0
0013 0013 = 0
0013 0013 = 0
0013 0013 = 0
0013 0013 = 0
0013 003a = 1
0013 0013 = 0
0013 0013 = 0
(bin = 00100000. dec = 32)

0013 033a

Having cleaned the "Device" and "Function" sections (replaced the 0014's with the correct 0013) the only significant deviation I found was in the off time of the lead out burst pair - this ranged between 03ae (942) and 02c6 (710). However, since 033a was the most common value I subsequently used this in all the codes created.

The upshot of this is that I found the Device value of all the codes to be 34 and have since created the full range of Function codes (0. . . 255) to suit. I've no idea if they work (I've not tried them), but if anyone is interested let me know and I'll pass them on.

I dont know if you have used it its on Remote central you throw in make hex and it generates a CCF with a different code on a different numbered button saves a lot of copying and you already know this
Ooo arrrh!

I used IR Tool to find the format, but found it wouldn't work when I tried generating new codes from the device and function values, hence all the manual foot slogging.

So have you tried them out yet?
Does that mean you haven't managed to try them out yet?

Did you get my e-mail?

Would you like me to make a CCF?

Are you looking to achieve world domination?

(Be quick. I'm off to work in a few minutes).
no i havent tried them out yet i dont own a pace twin its for my mate so i havent had chance

thanks for the mail i got it but thats a lot of pasting!!

If you can get a basic ccf with all the codes that would be great

I have recently had problems when i downloaded Onkyo chad edit it seems to have messed up a few things .it wants to overide all my other pronto first generation programmes and i cant get make hex or ir panels to work now .i can use CCF 's in touchscreen but i think i'll go back to a restore point.

and how did you know my mates call me the brain from pinky and the brain? tommorow i will take over the world!!!

By the light and warmth of a single candle, in my tiny grubby freezing wind and snow swept garret, I've toiled night and day to produce a CCF of the above. If interested just drop me line.

Ah, the good ol' days of the Penny Post . . . but a rather soggy envelope (assuming the address can be read).

I shall wringe it out and feel blessed (like all the Hollywood luvies) that I should have such wonderful friends.

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