Pace Twin - Recording Levels?

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I have a Pace twin and on the whole am very pleased with it. (March Software)

I wonder if any other owners have noticed the following:-

a) Volume level of the box has to be turned right up to give the same volume as analogue signal or VCR output.

b) The recorded picture is not "quite" as good as broadcast, very little in it and I am probably too fussy.

c) The sound level of a recorded programme is slightly lower than a live broadcast.

I would still recommend this unit to anyone but being as fussy as I am, has anyone noticed the same as above.

What does the repeat software download fix, as mine seems to work very well as is.



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The data recorded on the HDD should be extactly as received. So I don't see why there should be any differences in volume.

The October software:

1: Enables digital Text.
2: Allows you to power the box up and down without affecting timer recordings
3: Allows you to present a default early start and late finish for all recordings to avoid missing late running programmes
4: Improves the picture quality for both live and recording playback
5: Fixes several bugs, inluding one significant one where it actually records at a different time to the programme you selected (the previous programme, typically).

....but I still think they have a little way to go. It still isn't 100% glitch free.


As I recall the Twin manual states something to the effect that the volume control should be adjusted if the audio output does not match that of your TV - ie so that you can switch from digital to analogue without big jumps in volume.

In practice I (with latest f/w) find that full volume gives the same level as my (Sony) TV.

I can't say I've noticed any difference between volume levels or picture quality between live and recorded programs, but my TV is several years old.


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My TV has a very good picture

Here goes - the Twin live and recorded picture are identical, however the Twin is less suspectible to interfearance than the TV but the TV has a slightly better picture.


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If you have been used to using VHS for many years, I suspect there is some psychological expectation that the playback picture will be inferior to the off air signal. Your brain is insisting that playback must worse, however little. In reality, with the Pace Twin, there is no difference. The digital data to be decoded comes from the HD on playback rather than the tuner for off air.

Regarding the volume, I have mine set to full to get it to match our Toshiba PF2. At least there is an adjustment.

I would upgrade the firmware if I were you. Many bugs are cured and the extra timer facilities are useful.



I can't really see any difference with pic quality between Live TV and broadcasts although I agree with previous comments regarding being used to VCRS though..
Probably looking too closely and trying to find fault! I still have analogue cable in the bedroom so if I am in any doubt about pic quality I just watch that for a bit and then remember how s***e it is! then watch the pace again :)

The playback VOLUME though is definately not as loud as live broadcasts for some reason... even the missus noticed it! I have my pace vol locked on full and play through AV amp so just have to crank the amp up a bit...


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