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I have just bought a Pace Twin, this is my first foray into digital TV etc.

I understand the connections etc on it apart from the two following;

Card Slot; WHat is the point of this? If there are no plans for anything that would involve a fee (as is mentioned on Freeviews site) why have it.

RS232 Port; why has the unit got a com port and what can be done with it?

I notice the EPG only seems to display the programme that is currently on and whatever will come next, but that's it.
Will there be any software to improve this?



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Card slot: no use now, possibly could have been if OnDigital was still around.
RS232: service use only.

The EPG is capable of showing the programmes in the future already but the info isn't transmitted yet - it's been on the way for months now though.


We picked up what was presumably a test 7 day EPG for a few days, probably early December. It was a bit slow.zzzzzzzz

Would be nice to have psuedo PDC so the STB will notice from the EPG that a program schedule has changed.



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I understand the software on the Pace Twin is capable of dealing with a greater scope of EPG but it is not being broadcast.

I seem to recall someone mentioning (Nigel??) that testing was going on for the 7 Day EPG in Wales, maybe we'll see it in a couple of months??


Pace twin hardware revision
someone posted somewhere the serial number of the last hardware revision, but having nearly bought one I was suspicious about, I checked with pace and they gave me this one X603007S323XXXXXX note s323 not s23 , so anyone considering buying should make sure it's on the right side of it. -me, I'm waiting for a decent second generation twin tuner PVR .

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