Pace PVR3 - How much?


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I'm going to be swapping to freeview with a Topfield 5800 next saturday and so will be looking to sell my 8 week old Pace PVR3 Sky+ box - mint.

I've also got one of those silver sony sky digiboxes and also a Pace 2500s sky digibox

How much do you think they would go for?

They are all in spotless condition, unboxed, but with manuals and remotes.
I could even supply the old viewing cards too.

Hope someone can help.



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mint pvr3 = 100 quid ish, maybe a bit more, but only someone with a PVR1 would want to buy one really methinks (a 250 gig compatible HDD for a V2 is less than the PVR3 is worth)
one of those silver sony sky digiboxes = 35 quid
pace 2500s, not sure what it's worth, give ya 20 quid posted (although you'd obviously have to offer it up on the classifieds)

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