Pace or samsung I can pick which HD help


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Hi all

I have found a satalite shop near me that only sell and stock new samsung or pace HD boxs for the £109 same as sky.

The question is which is the better box, I know that pace has the new epg but I was wanting to know which is faster more reliable and better picture that sort of thing.



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anyone thanks

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Pace, Samsung has a few issues, slow response from the remote being one of them. There are plenty of threads on here, if you use the search function to find them.


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ok which models have the least issues of the 4



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I've never had a problem with my Pace.
Conversely, I have never had a problem with my Samsung (or remote).

Having said that I might be tempted by the Pace just for the new EPG, but then again The Samsung is supposedly going to get that one day!


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I have had both - my pace being replaced by samsung as part of the recall.
I had my 1st samsung replaced due to a faulty rf2 , the replacement works fine. I have never had an issue with slow response from the remote with the samsung.

Picture wise I can see no difference between them.

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