Pace FTA PVR For Digital Terestrial


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I'm suprised there's been no mention of the new Pace FTA PVR for digital terestrial, announced at Stuff Live this weekend.

I know a dodgy show but it was only 20 minutes journey for me and I was bored this Sunday - thats my excuse for attending :)

None functional prototypes where on display along with a promo video, but I asked the people on the stand about it and got the following information:

- Price £350 SRP
- Twin digital tuners
- Twin scarts
- Ariel passthru
- 20G harddrive
- S-Video output - via seperate S-video socket
- Composite output (from scart)
- RGB output (from scart)
- Can pause live tv.
- Case work is white
- Front card reader just incase pay tv ever re-appears.
- Can output from both tuners simultaneously (e.g so can route second tuner to a different TV).
- ETA mid November.
- SPDF output for digital audio.

Basically it appears to be a FTA version of Sky+, obviously without the £10 sky tax that Sky subsriber are forced to pay. Naturally you won't get the fancy EPG thats available with Sky showing a week ahead, so I'd assume this device would be used more like a normal VCR.

I asked about changing the hardrive like a lot of Sky+ owners seem to do, the person I asked was a bit non comital as its not something they support but suspected it would be possible.


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There has:)


Thread 2

I also emailed PACE and made enquires about the HD size and was informed there was no plans for a larger drive in the current design and unlikely there would be an "official" upgrade.


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That explains it - different forum!

I expect we'll soon be hearing stories about people swapping the hardrive for something more usable. As you can do it for Sky+ I'm sure it will work with this device - the base software for controlling things like the harddrive is probably the same as this reduces deveoplement timescales and costs conciderably.


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Originally posted by PeteM

I expect we'll soon be hearing stories about people swapping the hardrive for something more usable.

I hope so.
Bitstream recording is the only way to go but you do need a large enough hard drive to make it worthwhile and 20gig is too small considering a DTT user will probably not be a pay movie subscriber and might want to record the odd movie.

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