PACE DTR730 stability / freezing




I bought a Pace DTR730 off Ebay. It is for me mother. Picture and sound quality fine but the menus are terribly clunky and channel changing is slow. The reason for buying the Pace is the magic slot at the front that will take TopUpTV card. Now I know most people loath and despise TUTV but for the channels my mother watches the Freeeview plus TUTV line up will suit her fine. Better value than the £23 package ntl just "upgraded" her to. May most cable TV burn in the seventh layer of hell.

What this posting is actually about. Occasionally, and for no particular reason, the PACE DTR730 "freezes", in that it still shows the program last selected but refuses to respond to any remote signals or button pushing on the front of the unit. This will disturb my mother no end. Any way to recover the unit apart from a power off and on ?? Any likely-hood the unit stability will improve with the software download scheduled when the TUTV card goes in ??





The TopUpTV card went in last night. It seems all the decryption software has downloaded and the channels that were transmitting this morning: Food, Discovery, Boomerang, all seemed to be received perfectly. Note the unit is being driven by a good aerial in a strong signal area - analog always produced a good, grain-free, ghost free image from this aerial.

Not enough time to fiddle around to find if the "freezing" is still there.

Not enough time to comment on quality of the extra content - but I think there is enough to ween my mother off ntl at £23 per month.

The next challenge is to set up the One4All to control the Pace receiver - none of the documented OnDigital setup codes work. The supplied remote is junk.

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