Pace DS810XE as an H.264/AVC PLAYER?

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    Dear friends,

    Pace DS810XE as a H.264/AVC PLAYER

    This box costs £99 (on 13-Sep-2007), has a 300MHz processor and somehow manages to decode 1080i H.264/AVC. No £99, 300MHz PC could do this. Even a diskless ripcaster tomacro device costs £280 ( But what the DS810XE can't do is play back files.

    How could this be achieved?

    There are three possible sources of input which could be hijacked for this:

    1. The satellite input. Safe and obvious, but I don't know of a `video sender' equivalent for satellite.

    2. The USB port. "For connection to a variety of electronic devices". This is screaming out to have an external hard drive attached to it. But the only thing that it's useful for so far is charging my cellphone. There must be a market for PACE to sell this as the cheapest high-defintion H.264 player.

    3. CAM slots. Are there any devices that can send a recorded signal in?

    Do any of you people know how this could be done?


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