Pace DS430N/Panasonic TUDSB30


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I'm having Sky Freesat installed by an independent. I have purchased a Pace DS430N (GBP67) for my primary TV. As far as I can see it get s pretty good reviews.

However, the installer will install the satellite system and supply one box for GBP200 (2 rooms). He will supply a Panasonic TU DSB30 (used) with the installation.

Now my question is. The Panasonic is not exactly the latest one but is this one OK?


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It's and oldie but a goody!! This and the Panasonics TU-DSB31 are highly rated for the quality of the tuner and are the digi box of choice in fringe satellite areas - ex-pats living in Spain often go for these two models. Also the menus/epg are lightning fast compared to other models. If you check out e-bay there is always a demand for these two digi boxes.

A couple of things to note is that the Panasonics have been known to sometimes not accept Sky software updates and thus become obselete. Also some LNB's have been known to be tempermental with them (something to do with switching frequencies) - although as your installer is fitting it these should not be of any concern - he'll also ensure that it's software is up-to-date.

Basically they're a high quality Digibox and I'm sure that's why the independant installer is fitting it. I intentionally purchased the TU-DSB31 (although would have been happy with the TU-DSB30) as they are both highly regarded and have had no software update problems. Personally I would be very happy to accept this model.


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very comforting response. Looks like I made the right choice.

I'll make sure the installer updates the software before he leaves. Saw lots of them on eBay still selling for more than GBP 62.

Tanks for the response.

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