Pace digibox DTR73 FTV - is this a refurb 735?


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I've been advised on another thread to keep a look out for the Pace 735, as it's thought to be one of the best digibox's to date.

I'm familiar with the current little Pace, the DTVA-T is what I think it's called, - no use for me because of poor connectivity.

But what is the DTR73 FTV ?? - I've seen this today at £79.95 on a retail website. Any good?

The same site has a Panasonic TUCT20 at £99.95.

The only box I've seen for real in a shop, in stock, this week is a refurb Nokia Mediamaster for £79.9ish in Currys, and everyone has warned me off that one.

All I want is a decent FTV box, in stock, that is recommended by Forum members. With the BBC digi relaunch only a couple of weeks away, there aint a lot of hardware around.

Suggestions very welcome.


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Can anyone for say for sure this is the refurb Pace 735?

I've asked Comet, but all they know is it's an older model, and that as far as they know it isn't a refurb. Actually I'm not bothered whether or not it is a refurb, - but at that price it seems likely it's an ex ITV Dig box.


You could try Pace customer services as I spoke to them before buying my DTR735 and they were very helpful.

I bought mind after the demise of ITV Digital.


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Thanks for the suggestion Orange.

You know, I thought about phoning Pace but reckoned that they'd be evasive about one of their older boxes being resprayed in silver and back out in the marketplace. Not so, cause I now know for sure that the Comet FTV is a refurb 735. What a helpful company.

All I'd say, having researched the hell out of this, is that at Comet prices, for another £19 you'd have the current Pace DTVA which is faster and up for software updates. For me, the only thing against it is the single scart on the back.

So, where I come out now is - get the DTVA for basic needs or wait another month or so for the Pace PVR - twin tuners, two scarts and a ten hour hard drive digital recorder. I'm very tempted to get an interim DTR73 or the DTVA, but £80-£100 for a few weeks is beyond my justification

My current problem is a new telly and analogue feed from NTL - which is a cable company only interested in selling Broadband at the moment. I already have £25 a month Broadband from them and they simply will not call on me with a digital receiver at another £8 a month. NTL are OK if everything works, you never have questions and you fit in with their agenda, - otherwise you're in trouble.

Which is why it was great to talk to Pace today and see the other side of how to deal with customers.

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