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    Hello Everybody,

    I recently returned home from holiday, to find my sky+ installation was suffering the "No signal Received" message, I soon identified this to be a problem with my second feed. I disconnected and got things working again, though obviously with reduced functionality.

    I sorted the problem with the second feed, and when ready to reconnect I switched to standby and then pulled the plug on my pace box and reconnected.

    Upon powering up, my box failed to return from standby, I've tried holding the L/R buttons on the front panel while powering on, and tried holding the back button, no joy.

    From these forums, I've read postings that suggest investigating the hard disk and the PSU, since the disk is an upgraded one, I've tried returning to the original, no change.

    With the lid off, I can hear the disks spin up, I can see the red light blink after a minute or so and the cooling fan spin up, so I believe the PSU to be ok.

    Can anybody help? Perhaps with some test points to place my meter across to further confirm the correct operation of the PSU?

    Perhaps, somebody could confirm my correct button sequence for a power-on hard reset?

    Perhaps its completely dead and I should consider a replacement, since the fan has been replaced for a more silent jobby, warranty replacement could be a problem.

    Any other suggestions ?



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