P800 or XDA



PDA wise which would you recommend ? the P800 looks nice and compact but not sure if it's capability are anywhere near the XDA ... need advice from experts please.
I now use a P900 for all my contact, appointment, tasks, note taking etc. When you add in the emailing, sms, mms and photo capabilities, then it is an excellent tool that you can carry at all times.
I now only carry my ipaq if I need the gps function, or to use another work specific program.

I think the P800 is a little more chunky than the P900, but after a few years of carrying tiny phones and an ipaq, then this is much better solution.

You can get just as much software for the P800 as you can for the pocketpc, and I think the XDA is a bit more ackward to carry and strange to hold when used as a phone.

The P800 will sync just as well to a PC too.

Unless there is a specific pocketpc program that you need to use, then I think the P800 is a much better tool - and the P900 even better.

How is the battery life on your P900 like? How often do you need to charge it?


thanks woody67 for the advice, I#d like to be able to afford a P900 but as I'm after a pay as you go/sim free phone it's just too much, I'm thinking of getting a contract phone but unsure... what sort of contract have you got, how much did you pay for the phone and monthly ?
I got the P900 from O2 for free on a £40/m contract, but I am about to downgrade the tarriff and use my existng Orange sim. Over the year the phone should have cost me about £210 - which is a cheaper than a sim-free P800, and cheaper than a new one from Orange would have cost me.

With regards to battery life, I get to about 10% power level after about 3.5 days. This is with a few calls a day and about 40mins per day using the pda functions.
I get 2 good days at least with perhaps 30mins of calls and 1 hour using the pda functions.

It is the screen that seems to drain the battery, and not the phone usage.

I don't see relatively short battery life as a problem though, as it just gets placed in the charger daily to sync with the PC anyway
is that contratc with a shop or via web cause I can't see the P900 on the O2 website ??
It was from a shop on a special offer just before Christmas. I don't think the web site has ever had any, and I don't know if stocks have been fully replenshed in the shops yet as they sold out all over the UK.

I thought that the Link and CPW had a similar offer though.
well CPW have it free for £70/month which is nowhere near as good as the deal you've got, all the contract with free phon does not include the P900 ! I tried all the Link and Phones4U, found P900 for £70 and monthly tarrif of £50 and that seems the best deal (on onestopphoneshop)... Has anyone got a better offer ?

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