P42G10 High Def Networking


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Hi all,

first off I am trying to learn here all the time, so forgive my lack of knowledge...

I am going to purchase a G10 pretty soon and I am looking for the best way to get 1080p material broadcasted from my home computer to my new TV without loss of quality. Whether this may be in the form of blu ray films or shows.

I am looking to do this without the need to burn Blu ray discs or otherwise essentially.

The options I see that I have are:

1. Connect a PS3, setup a LAN and browse to select films to watch through the TV - Is this possible?

2. Get a wireless receiver for the TV and directly stream content?

When browsing on the PS3 will I be able to select a Blu ray film and have the PS3 scale accordingly or does the scaling only work through the drive itself?

Advice would be very welcome :thumbsup:


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This would seem like a straightforward request but the manual doesn't seem to help other than telling you how to connect to a router which isnt exactly difficult. There is no mention of the TV being a DNLA client which the PS3 is if you load up TwonkyMedia or something similar.

Shame as if the TV had this ability then you could just search for media servers on the network and pick up stuff from there.

I was thinking about to 50" version of this but until I can see more of what networking actually means I think I will wait.

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